No Response in Indiatimes Domains(Webhosting,Registration, Renewal)

I'm one of affected persons. Does anybody have any update about this dirty company?
All they have done is to buy some api to sell domains/webhosting of a US based company. They are not providing any support. Only collecting money.
No newspaper, news channel will reports against Indiatimes Domains since it is part of Times of India group. Police and Politicians too keep a distance from it.
Let us join together and pull this company in consumer court.
RE: Does anybody lift customer care phone in Indiatimes Domains?


"Does anybody have any update about this dirty company?"

What is the name of the company you mean?

What is the US based company you are pointing?

India times Domains: Can you say the name of Domain and the lack of support you had experienced?

Web hosting companies Register Domain Names and sell Web hosting space (Windows and Linux).

There are hundreds of web hosting companies.

We have to be careful while selecting web hosting companies.

RE: Does anybody lift customer care phone in Indiatimes Domains?

It is Indiatimes Domains. Times of India has many subsidiaries like Indiatimes. Indiatimes is into Web hosting business. But they eat up my money. They have tied up with some registrar like ENOM, Godaddy etc.

This is what they sent me falsely:

Automated Reminder: Your Domain is Expiring 2011-02-23
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Indiatimes SME



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Saturday, 19 February 2011 7:56 AM
The following domain name(s) will expire in 5 DAYS:

Domain Name, Expiry Date, 2011-02-23

If the domain name(s) are not renewed during the next 5 days, they will stop working! This WILL affect all email and websites that use the domain. PLEASE RENEW AS SOON AS POSSIBLE to avoid disruption to your service.***

Thank you


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RE: Does anybody lift customer care phone in Indiatimes Domains?

@Rajgopalan non-profit frauds do not happen. That too from a very uncommon zone of domain hostings! I'm aware of poor service offered by Indiatimes Domains.


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Indeed nobody is there to lift phone:

Here is the registered address of the registrar:

When I tried calling at the listing number I was given another: 9958859130
I've now filed the complaint online at :

Here is the complaint:

How can I complain about this negligent registrar (Times Internet Limited, India):

This is their site:


1) Nobody ever lifts phone or replies the email ids listed there.

2) Nowhere I'm able to find the physical address of this registrar where I can
send complaint to.

3) Domains policy/TOS not present in their site. They have one common policy for in general at : which is not suitable for webhosting/domain registration as per ICANN guidelines.

I find them impossible to contact them since Feb, 2011.

In Feb, 2011 they sent me a false email saying I needed to renew a domain( which by then I'd already transferred away from them and I paid them around $12. But since then no response, no way to contact them.
Also I've forwarded my complaint to ICANN Ombudsman(who is unable to help) with CC to indiatimes registered email and I've got response from and

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