Nexus 5 (16GB) - Bad experience

Hi all,

I wanted to share my experience of LG Nexus-5(16GB)
3 months ago i bought this phone, obviously with overwhelming expectations as we all have heard excellent user review of this phone.
But 4 days ago, i noticed that pixels of my phone were gone and touch was not working at all, now as far as i know i take good care of my phone and this happened without any external damage of phone, not a single scratch on phone.
Now, the subject here is the cold response from LG support team.
Why a person buys a branded phone of a company like LG over some warranty-less chinese phone?
Because they expect better strength, quality of phone. Against which the phone seems to be so delicate that without any physical damage, its touch is gone
Secondly customer expect the least of all better customer support, this is what upsets me more, that after 3 months i happen to face some technical issue in the phone, now its been 5 days i have been suffering as the local service centre person coldly refused to help, and like a government office, he directed me to contact LG support, then they after two days directed me to contact another person, then another person. After going through complete cycle ultimately the conclusion remained same, that nothing could be done as the person said that this damage is not protected in clauses of warranty.

What worries me is there cold response of leaving me with only one option to put extra Rs.8000, on a phone i purchased 3 months ago. They could have suggested me alternatives as in other possible options what actually is expected from a branded firm.

But with this experience i conclude only this, that ultimately LG team disappointed me, there consumer response team seems to hide behind the blamket of legal provisions, rather than truely helping customer.

Now, i can't afford further cost on this phone, and me and my family have decided to buy another handset.

I am sharing this experience, as though i have made my decision, others must not do the same mistake, and wisely choose brand before investing there 2-3 months savings. [/font]

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