Need some help to replace 4k 55" tv panel.

Dear All,

I brought my 55" 4K TV in Ireland (Europe), and brought it back to India when i moved, after coming to here by mistake my panel broken, i tried to contact samsung customer care, people came to my home and took advance of 40k and waited for 1 month and made a call back asking about what happen, they told we can't replace it because you bought in other country and part is not available here.
I requested by asking so many people what i want to do? even from high management of samsung. no proper answer.
i didn't understand samsung is samsung if bought in India are some other country, why we cant find parts here.
can you please some one help me out to fix my broken panel.

TV Details:
UE 55 HU 6900
V NO: 01
S/N: H1113 SCFC 00041V

and i see this model UA55JU6470U looks like same in india.

Hello, Since your TV is 2014 model and has Europe specifications, you might not find anywhere in india / Middleast. try with some friends who Travels to Europe to bring the Panel from there & you can fix it in india. read below link,

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