(Beware of Cheaters)

I will not call it horror story but yes, these online retailers (who are cheating people) must be taught a lesson. I understand that there is no time for uncanny opinion but my sole purpose is to let consumers know how these people cheat so that these wonders are not replicated in future.

Following is an example what happened when one of my friend Adarsh Ordered trouser from

I would like to file a complaint against I have got delivered a product from Myntra on Oct 13,2014 (ORDER ID 21309934) and requested a return on the same day due to wrong size delivered to me. I asked for 32” size and they have been delivered 36” in actual.

Now these people are not accepting it as they make a silly excuse that it has no price tag. I made a complaint to Myntra that no customer can confirm whether the product has a price tag or not as it is sealed pack and we cannot open and check before taking the delivery.

Myntra say that they have confirmed internally that they have delivered price tag. However, their internal communication has no supported documents etc. to prove that they have delivered the price tag.

I have requested multiple consumer compliant management agencies to register a compliant and take a necessary action against such unfair practices against Myntra.

Folks, Please beware of such online portals and stop buying from them.

Adarsh Gupta
Mob +91 9810416995

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