My experience with "shiprocket"

I had received a return shipment, shiprocket terms it as RTO (return to office) on 30th April , 2021. The customer had denied the shipment as he didn’t want it anymore so its clear that the package should not have had been opened at all. But when I received the return package and opened it, I receive some other product of a cheap quality, not what I had sold to the customer. So its also clear that the logistics service is the one doing the mediocre tricks. In order to justify myself, I called up Shiprocket customer service and was told that I only need to submit the product image of what I received, the return box with label and the product which I had sold. I did it instantly at that moment and replied to Shiprocket over the mail regarding this along with the photos. The irony here is that, I never received any further response regarding this query, I myself had to call them every single time and approach it myself. Maybe I have already spoken to more than 5 customer representatives, I can tell you, it was a waste of time. Going along the story, I was told that I will be contacted by the customer support team regarding the query, but I was never contacted. So I myself had to call them again and they told me that the support team is enquiring about the package. As usual, I wasn’t replied anything from Shiprocket so I had to call them back again regarding and the customer representative tells me that the refund is under process. I was relieved then but I didn’t receive any mail or call regarding the confirmation of it. So again, I called Shiprocket customer support and after 4 days, they want me to submit an unboxing video. This is the most lame excuse I have ever received. Its either they do not understand the meaning of unboxing or they are beating around the bush with me. I told the customer support that the package had already been unboxed before 4 days and at that same time of receiving the return package I had sent the photos to the customer support over the mail. Also I questioned them if they really know what it means by the work ‘unboxing’, I asked them how do I unbox the package when its already unboxed 4 days ago. Also on me calling the support team, they tell me now i.e. after 4 days that they need a video of the shipment, very sly of them I would say. Its been 4 days already and initially they just ask for the photos but now they want a video , I don’t even have the packaging box of it as there was no use of keeping the garbage for so long as it wasn’t mentioned earlier that it would be required. I have also used amazon seller services, they only ask for photos for such cases, I do not understand why ship rocket wants to feel special about it. Now they are denying my claim as they want a video for which I do not have the outer packaging box with me, so I hope you all can understand the scenario and how Shiprocket cheats their customers. After using amazon services, I expected the same procedures towards managing such cases. Now I have lost all hope and I am putting this up over the internet just to inform others out there who might find these helpful.
Also I have names of few of the customer representatives who kept beating around the bush and were of no help at all, I don’t know who even employs such people. The names of them are :
2.Bhupendra Singh
  1. Amit Mishra

I’ll also share the photos of what I had sold and what I received back in return. Concluding, sellers out there please be careful with Shiprocket and if possible change the service like I would now.


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