My Experience with Doctor Parul Sharma at Max Healthcare

Before I met Dr. Parul Sharma I was unable to see, drive, read or write without my thick glasses. Even with heavy glasses, my vision was not clear and I felt the burden of -14.0 myopia in my right eye and -12.0 in left eye. After a lot of detailed check up, the doctor advised me Phakic Implanatable Contact lens option. These need measurements of eye and place the order with company so I had to wait a few days. I was told that the new version of ICL with central hole does not need prior laser to avoid glaucoma.

The surgery was quick, actually fifteen minutes only and painless. I could see clearly the next day without my glasses. I have got my eyes back... a new life and am so appreciative of everything. The patience with which I was explained everything and taken care of myself so well makes me say a big thank you to Dr. Parul Sharma.

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