Mutual Fund Refund

I Purchased SBI mutual fund, 10 Years back and on 4th April 2018, it automatically redeemed without any prior notice and any message. When I got the msg that my mutual fund got redeemed, I called helpdesk immediately and asked them about it and they told me that it is per standard. I asked them to verify my BANK account number, the bank account# which they told me is wrong I asked them to correct it and stop the payment. Instead of stopping the payment they asked me to give application to mutual fund office and told me no need to worry, since bank account number and Name is not mentioned money will get rejected and then we will transfer the money to you updated account for this you have to wait for min 15 Days. After that I get to know the money transferred to someone else account.
Now from the last 2 and a half month I am struggling with SBI mutual fund team to help me to get my money back but looks like they are so helpless and not able to do anything.
Is any one suggest me to what to do now?
And whomever is reading this message, I request you please do not invest your hard core money in such a helpless company..
Please help and suggest me some solution.

Gaurav Khandelwal

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