MTS did not coneect for a week!

I am using MTS as a standby to my fixed line broadband for the past two years. I have speed problems with MTS and my complaints are not accepted by MTS ever. Last week during flood in Chennai, everything including mobiles gone down. MY broadband gone down on 2nd Dec.2015. I tried with MTS to connect. I did not get connected at all. if I click the dial button, I get a message 'the connection already dialed'. Every day I tried and got frustrated with the MTS. I wrote a mail to MTS asking for a rebate for one week's rental, they replied that the MTS was working and did not fail. I replied and asked for proof of working which they did not furnish yet. Wrote to the appellate authority who write the same message again.
They did not value for our feedback and want to do what they want. People are very generous to donate for flood relief from all corners of India. The MTS not even feel sorry for their failure and make a rebate for their lapse in service. VERY POOR CUSTOMER CARE!

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