MTS Cheats the customers

Hi, i brought MTS data card postpaid connection, from the scratch the customer service was worst. Actually, their sales person contacted me through phone and he told me that we can try for 10 days if its not satisfied they will revert and take back the device and give me back my deposit of rs 800. after this confirmation i paid them the amount and got the device.

after collecting the money the sales person went off and my MTS number was not activate. i was struggled for more than 15 days then the have activate my connection and told me we can have the average speed of 2mbps. but from the day one the speed was 100kbps to 500 kbps. I was continuously complaining for this. every time they told me they want to trace and asked me to switch on the datacard wifi. unfortunately I was not able to understand the trick that they have played. they told this just to close the complaint.

this struggle went for 45 days which frustrated me very much. out if this frustration i made a request to cancel the connection and asked waiver of the rent. they told me they will check with their manager and get back to me. later i never heard any thing from them. now, I got a notice from lokadalat for repayment of the rent. every time their customer care say something and in actual it will happen something. please help me to come out of this hell.

my data card number; 8643952266

Help me and please do not buy any MTS datacard. which is total waste of your money and time....

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