Mr. Sachin Sing, pretending to be Tata Docomo Broadband Exe Duped Money

This is about Mr. Saching Singh pretending to be Tata Docomo Broadband Executive committed fraud and collected money for new connection, but, found to be Fraudster.

Here is a chronology.

After my enquiry to Tata Docomo Broadband connection around 2 months back, In reply to it, I was called by Mr. Sachin Singh representing Tata Docomo around a month ago from his contact no +91 77 20 999601.

He then shared Tata Docomo Broadband plans from his email id on 24 Aug 2015.

After going thru the details, I called him to offer new connection, for which he visited my home on 20 Sep 2015 around 11:30 AM.

Since, he had all the details that I submitted to Tata Docomo for new connection enquiry, he directly visited my home. He was wearing his ID card, had bunch of original documents collected from many other customers.

I handed over all KYC documents and collected payment slip with following details as mentioned on it duly stamped / signed.
CAF 8811001239447
AMOUNT PAID: Rs. 2200/- for 5mbps (3+1 month) plan

After receipt of payment slip, I handed over Rs. 2200/- in cash, as he said, cheque payment usually delays application processing and new connection will be installed only after 6 working days.
Upon payment in cash, he committed to install new connection on 21 Sep before 12:00PM.

However, he didn’t turn up on Monday. I called him on Monday and he didn’t pick up my call until I’d tried continuously for more than 3 hrs.
Then, he briefly received my call and replied that he is coming for installation in an hour.
After that, his mobile goes switch off till the time.

Upon smelling something fishy, I wrote an email to on 22 Sep 2015, 19:03 vide case ID: M24329254

I got reply from them which reads as below;

1515 <>
24 Sep 2015, 15:23

We refer to your email to us dated 24-Sep-2015 regarding TATA Docomo new connection.

We would like to inform you that according to our concern department Sachin Singh is not any concern person of our Tata Organization.

Further we would request you that raise an police complaint against that person

For further clarification or feedback please feel free to call on our helpdesk 1-800-266-1515 or email us on

Assuring you of our best services at all times.


Customer care officer - Email Unit

TATA Docomo Business Services Helpline Numbers:
Customer Care : Toll free number 1800 266 1515 and you can also reach us by dialing 1515 from your corporate connection
E-mail : 1515 @
Website : www. /business
Escalation Matrix: Customer Care Number & Toll Free Number | Contact Us - Tata Docomo Business


Looking at the reply, it’s apparent that, Tata Docomo wants to just wash their hands by disowning sales person.

Considering following points, I have decided to file a police complain against both, Mr. Sachin Singh & Tata Tele.

1. If Mr. Sachin Singh is not Tata employee, how did he get to know about my inquiry for new broadband connection to tata?
2. When Mr. Sachin Singh called me first time in response to my inquiry, he had all the details that I'd submitted to Tata, how that information leaked to a fraudster?
3. He has bunch of tata docomo boradband connection blank forms, out of which, he gave me one dully stamped, signed etc. How a fraudster can have access to ORIGINAL tata documents, if he is not associated? He has an original Tata ID card, Isn't this strange?
4. Why there are not sincere efforts to track-down Mr. Sachin Singh even after matter brought to your attention?

I hereby share this case to public aware about such fraudsters and also beware of Tata Tele.


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