missed connecting train due to delay in first train

We 8 adults, 2 childs(7 yrs and 2 yrs) boarded train number 12801 on 23-July-2017 from PNME to GZB. The train got delayed by 4hr 50 mins and reached gzb at 8:20 AM. We had reservations in train number 12017 for 24 july from gzb to DDN(3), SRE(2), MOZ(2) which starts at 7:19 from gzb. But, due to delay in 12801 we missed our train and faced a lot of inconvenience. My parents and siblings all hired private taxi or Buses to reach their destinations. The internet was not working so i was not even able to place TDR within time(4hrs).
The train#12801 is super fast and i paid for that but it delayed. Only we know how difficult it is to travel in train for 22hrs (5 hrs delay) and then 6 hrs in buses with children and old age parents.
I need refund for my tickets and compensation for inconvenience we faced.
PNR from PNME to GZB - 6300761781, 6600762215
PNR frm GZB to DDN, SRE, MOZ - 2662152584, 2333971943, 2333971411

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