Respected Sir and other readers,
Happenings that took place from time to time along with date and photograph as proof:-
Serial Number:10GUFNU11860
August 2010-December 2010
I had a Toshiba Laptop (A100-785) which was 2 year old and was giving a battery backup of just 45 minutes after its 2 years of good service life. So I planned to purchase a UPS that can support my Laptop during power failure. So checked different brands and different products for my purpose.
At last found a whole sale shop at Cochin by the name “Texas IT Solutions” that sell MICROTEK UPS and INVERTERS and they recommended me the purchase of “MICROTEK TWIN GUARD 1000VA UPS TGE1000+” that has 2*12Volt 7.2Ah Battery and should provide ample power supply for my laptop to stay awake for more than 2 hours during power failure. I was very happy to purchase this device for a price of Rs.3,640 and no need to worry about losing my work and power failure.
I keep the laptop connected to the UPS all the time when I was at cochin so that just in case if the power runs out the UPS shall take care of it and this way the laptop stayed awake for just 15 days or so after which the it died. Took it to Toshiba Service center for repair and found that there was nothing wrong with the laptop and it was just that the Laptop adapter had died and that my laptop was out of its manufacture warranty. Bad timing….
So ordered a new Toshiba Laptop Adapter from UAE, the place where I originally bought the laptop and the price of the adapter was cheaper there. I had to quit using my laptop + UPS for 2 months, waiting for the adapter’s arrival.
Got the new adapter and the laptop started to go online as before.
Now the laptop started to run short of space and so I had to buy a “Seagate Free Agent Desk 1TB” for additional storage and the Hard Drive was Externally Powered.
So started to use both this Laptop and the Seagate HD on the same MICROTEK UPS. As days passed I started to notice that the Seagate HD adapter was getting pretty hot when running on Microtek UPS and that the wax coating on the transformer inside the adapter had diluted and draining out of the casing. I didn’t pay much attention to this and continued using it on the Microtek UPS but stopped connecting it when not in use.
One day I happen to see that the Seagate adapter transformed its color from white to black and had declared end of its service life and it could not deal with my Microtek UPS any longer. Here I was lucky and got a new Seagate HD of the same kind after shipping it to Seagate since the Hard Drive was pretty new and within warranty.
After all this I never suspected my great Microtek UPS.I kept thinking it could be that the Toshiba Laptop was old and the Seagate Adapter may be defective.
But anyway I called up the Microtek UPS company and politely told them the happenings till date and also told them that I can carry this UPS to the store for testing if these incidents has made any damage on the UPS , they said they can send over a technician to my place for checking the device. Soon the next day a technician came over to my place and checked the output with a multi meter and confirmed that the device was ready to do service back on track. I was happy to see this technician to come over pretty quick and check faults. I felt that I had purchased the right product and good value for money.
February 2011
My place of employment was changed to Bangalore and I took my Microtek UPS along with me there in my car. There due to my need I had to purchase another laptop and a new phone. So I purchased new Toshiba Laptop (C660) from Flipkart.com and Nokia N8 form Hyper City.
By July 2011
My Microtek UPS had destroyed 2 new things which really disappointed me. This is when I started to suspect my Microtek UPS. What it did was, it killed my Toshiba C660 Adapter in a similar manner that it did on the Toshiba A100-785 and also my Nokia N8’s High speed charger was also dead one day. Both these adapters were replaced within few days of their death since they were all quite new and within warranty.
I feel pity for well Known Brands Toshiba, Seagate, Nokia and Apple I phone 4 for simply destroying their good products with a Bad product MICROTEK TWIN GUARD 1000VA UPS TGE1000+ which indirectly took the life of all these brands and proved itself poor workmanship and very bad circuitry. If I would have read the reviews on these sites before I purchased this commodity. I would never have opted Microtek at the first instance. Just go through these reviews of different people who had used this device and faced similar issues as I did and never fixed because it is something that Microtek themselves don’t know about the functioning of their device. Microtek contains some cheap quality China fabricated PCB and some brand less Lead Acid Battery and heavy transformer made by some cottage industry and a plastic case on which their Brand Name “MICROTEK TECHNOLOGY WE LIVE” is printed.
Some Pathetic reviews about the Microtek Marketing and faulty products.
Now I realize that all these devices went faulty because of the King “THE MICROTEK TWIN GUARD 1000VA UPS TGE1000+”. After I realized this I stopped using this Microtek UPS in Bangalore and brought it back to my hometown Calicut and did not use it for a while and kept it aside since I didn’t find any repair center for Microtek in Bangalore since it was out of Kerala State and didn’t find time to look for service.
February 2012
Now I had come down to Kerala and over here I complained about the device and the destruction caused by the same. So a technician by the name Shiju (His Contact number: 8714375844) came to my home and tested the Microtek UPS and proved it 100% functional. When I related him the bad experiences that I had to go through in my past. He declared to me that this Microtek UPS is not designed to be used for a Laptop nor a Cell Phone nor a CFL lamp nor a Hard Drive. According to him this Microtek UPS is only to be used with a Desktop PC to power the SMPS of the CPU and that too the CRT or the LCD Screen should not be connected along. His answer just drove me crazy and I in turn asked him if that is the case how would one use a computer CPU without an LCD or a CRT monitor. I told him that I don’t own a Desktop PC so the chance of the Microtek UPS serving me is ruled out. So the only alternative for me is to buy another Desktop PC to test the UPS and to use Computer without a Monitor during power failure.
After he left I searched for the owner’s manual to check what it has to say regarding itself. It said that:-
“These UPS are specially designed to suit Indian conditions where the voltage can fluctuate to as low as 150volts & as high as 290volts. Keeping this in view, these UPS have the ‘extended’ input voltage range of 135~300volts, so that the UPS gives you the corrected line voltage output of 230volts+-9% and doesn’t switch the UPS to ‘Battery Backup mode’ like most other UPS. In the event even when the voltage is available excessively high or too low, most other UPS will give the output on Battery Backup and finally shut down after 10/20 minutes. With these UPS you will enjoy ‘complete peace of mind’ even when the voltage is too low or too high.
Do not forget that the UPS has to work for voltage correction for 20 to 22 hours a day while the backup on battery may only be necessary for 1 to 2 hours in different slots of time during day.
These UPS will help you protect your sensitive equipment like computers and telecommunication equipment against malfunctioning due to non-reliable or distorted mains supply.
These UPS protect the connected equipment against surges, sags, spikes, etc. by means of an internal filter that works all the time.
During electrical power failures, the units employ their internal maintenance free battery to supply backup power without any interruption. These UPS are equipped with many features that will make your equipment to operate more reliably.
These UPS are manufactured under ISO 9001:2000 certified quality management process. Reliability is built into rugged design by carefully selecting the best components and incorporating advanced technology that offers rock-steady output. Each UPS subassembly is tested for each and every component used by a state of art automatic computerized in circuit tester (ICT) for value and tolerance of components. Automated manufacturing technology and the strict quality controls are the foundations for the reliability and consistency common to all our products.”
So after going through the owner’s manual what I understand is the UPS is capable of running a computer or two computes along with some telecommunication devices.
As per my understanding Computers can mean Desktop PC and Laptop PC.
Telecommunication devices can mean Routers, Modems, Nokia chargers, Seagate Adapter, I phone 4 USB Adapter.
So I called up the Microtek representative at Cochin one Mr. Ramesh (Contact number: 9961240423) informed him about the concern and he said it is better I send the product to Cochin so that he can test the circuit with another Multi meter or some other testing Instruments and then send back the UPS if it is not faulty.
I did as he suggested and after about a week the boomerang came back to me and I called up Ramesh before I even turned it on since I don’t trust the reliability of a repaired electronic device. He told me that the UPS did not show any fault except that it shows a mild variation in AVR (Automated Voltage Regulator) and which he did correct and the UPS is ready to run. He also told me to run one device at a time and that too it should be a PCB device. I was in a confused state either to give trust on the same Microtek UPS once again and risk my electronic devices.
That same night I had a close friend of mine come home during his travel from Cannanore to Bangalore. I was talking over phone to Mr. Ramesh when he was here. So I related to him the whole scenario and he charged his I phone 4 using my Microtek UPS. He had what he wanted, I had warned him about the reliability of the UPS and the UPS burnt that charger for him within hours, I don’t know if he was running it without power source or on power source. But he had it and he too needs a warranty replacement and he will get it. I am sure about it.
Now today Morning I called up Mr. Ramesh to tell him what happened and his answer was the Microtek UPS is not faulty and if I had any complaints go ahead and complain he is not willing to take care of it.
I am not writing this to get a New MICROTEK TWIN GUARD 1000VA UPS TGE1000+ and if in case the Microtek Company plans to replace my UPS I still don’t want it since what issues I am facing is a circuit defect on the PCB of MICROTEK TWIN GUARD 1000VA UPS TGE1000+. If the Microtek can do some alterations on this PCB that will stop these issues from happening and safe guard our electronic gadgets I would be happy and also the other people facing the same concern will also be happy.
But I don’t think there is anything that Microtek is going to do to fix this concern. So I want all the people who read this to disregard this Microtek as one of the worst brand and stop using it if you are a user of Microtek UPS and Inverters when facing similar like me.
If anyone has any advice or better suggestion on what I should do please let me know.
My Microtek UPS is warranteed till 3 August 2012 and I don’t plan to use it any longer from today. I am just going to leave it aside. That is why I am asking if anyone has any ideas on this device to serve my purpose of just running a Laptop during power failure. I would also be happy if Microtek themselves take up this concern and modify their defective device with a better circuit arrangement that would serve my need of running a PC on it.
For now I will never ever recommend anyone for a Microtek because it is just Bulls hit.
I am also adding that the service offered by Microtek is fast but what is they are not capable of fixing the device or in other words, how can one fix a bad circuit arrangement.
I have one better choice for Microtek, Why don’t they copy the PCB of APC UPS and Inverters, I think by that way they can irradiate these faults and they can do what they are not capable of doing. Shame on you Microtek.
5 of my Expensive Branded products Damaged by Microtek TGE1000+.
1. Old Toshiba A100-785 Laptop Power Adapter blown with no visible damage but circuit damaged.
2. New Toshiba C660 Laptop Power Adapter blown with no visible damage but circuit damaged.
3. New Nokia N8 High Speed Charger when kept connected to the UPS and not charging since then.
4.1TB Seagate External Hard Drive Power Adapter melted down when there was AC source.
5. New I phone 4 Ultra compact USB Charger blown with foul Black fumes.
Beware of this useless brand Microtek and safeguard yourself with a better brand like APC. It is better to pay a little extra and buy the best rather than buying a well known fraud brand like Microtek and paying for the damages caused by it.

My Contact: Hani


Yes till now there has been no response from Microtek.They are silent because they very well know that their product is completely a mess.Not only did they not fix my issue.They don't attend any of those other complaints put by other innocent customers.Why should such a product be sold in the market.Microtek completely works on adds.That's how the customers fall into their trap.My Microtek UPS.I stopped using it and kept it safe in one corner of my house.Just in case if i find any Microtek van pass by.I shall trash it there.It is of no use people destroying your other good devices with this worthless trash.

Those Microtek people have done nothing till now since they cant do anything since they themselves are aware of the quality control of their product.[hr]
Its warranty is not yet expired.It comes with 2 year manufacture warranty and my UPS just passed it 1 year with being used much.

3 times my smps was burnt within 4 months. Now, I'm starting to believe that this microteck 1000va is the hidden culprit .
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Extended Input Voltage Range of 135~300 volts : When the voltage fluctuates to as low as 150 volts & as high as 290 volts, these UPS give you the corrected line voltage output of 230 volts ± 9% and don't switch the UPS to "Battery Backup mode" like most other UPS.

Smart Boost function for Low Input Voltage : When the mains voltage is low, the smart boost will correct it back to its normal range without draining the internal battery.

Smart Buck function for High Input Voltage : When the mains voltage is high, the AVR or smart buck will correct it back to its normal range without draining the internal battery.

Over Voltage Protection : The UPS will switch to backup mode and offers power from its internal battery when the mains voltage is too high.

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