Micromax & Poorvika Mobile Issue

I purchased a Micromax Bolt A089 mobile from Poorvika Mobiles in Pondicherry during the month of August. While purchasing itself Poorvika Mobiles provided with proper bill and insurance for the mobile. The mobile was fine and one fine day the mobile suddenly started screen white out. I tried restarting the mobile but was not working. It started showing black spots and then it started showing cracks on the screen.

I want to clearly mention hear that I had not dropped the mobile or it is not exposed to water. But suddenly while watching a movie in the mobile the issue started. I was shocked by seeing the mobile like that and inquired about the same with the Service Center, but they said I dropped it. Explaining things to them didn't really helped me either. I raised the issue with the Micromax Care directly stating that the issue is not with me and is to be solved by them only. After 6-7 mails to them only they responded and that too they to take the mobile to service center again. I explained to them clearly on my state but no reply.

Then I directly contacted the Insurance Agent on the issue and there too I have wait for 10-15 days for the discussion initiation. After lot of struggle I got a fruitful information doing the service of my handset this month beginning. After taking the mobile they gave a SR No.Req. No. 99030/Claim No: 1400017897‏ to verify. Another shocker awaited for me by stating "My warranty is expired" while checking with Onsite care website.

How come this could happen? Only couple of months of handset usage they say my warranty is void. After taking back the handset for 20-25 days now they say my application for service got rejected.

I hadn't ever faced a problem earlier with Nokia or Sony where I got my handset serviced then and there itself without any questions asked. Micromax spends thousands of crores in developing their brand and crores in advertisement but they literally failed to service its clients. I feel very ashamed of having the mobile and I would suggest all that they could go for international brand and not the home made one. Till now I have not been answered by the service center or the insurance guy. So only i raising complaint against Micromax, Poorvika and the Insurance Guys here.

I should be answered correctly and my issue should be sorted out asap. Please help me in this regard if anyone know to proceed further.

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