Maxworth Realty - Let the photos speak for themselves

We bought a plot in Maxworth Residency on IVC Road, Devanahalli, after meeting a softspoken salesguy. We bought it sometime in 2014, and on 3rd Feb 2019(Sunday), we decided to give it a visit.

We were extremely disappointed to see that the land which was shown to us as the "Phase 5" of Maxworth Residency back in 2014, was in the exact same condition as it ever was, even after 5 years. No roads, no plot markings, no stones to tell us which is our plot. They call themselves "developers", but there ain't a single stone. I mean, how lazy can these mofos get? The only thing that exists in that land is a rusted hoarding. Rest of the layout looks like some ancient ruins.

I'll let the photos speak for themselves.

MaxWorth-Residency-Phase5-2019.jpg MaxWorth-Residency-Phase5-2019_2.jpg MaxWorth-Residency-Phase5-2019_3.jpg MaxWorth-Residency-Phase5-2019_4.jpg

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