Make my Trip wallet Fraud

I made an international Flight Booking on Make My on 13th July'2018. As per promotional offers Rs. 6000 was credited to my Make my trip wallet account. The catch is that you cannot use the money for a new booking. This is fraud and misleading the customer. When you mean wallet everyone assumes that it will be like PAYTM etc. where the money can be utilised for other bookings. You only allow Rs.450-Rs.500 to be used maximum at one time for one booking and the money expires in 60 days. That means that you have to make either 13 domestic flight bookings or 12 international flight bookings in two months. How can someone possible use that money?? This is FRAUD and cheating the customer by designing policies in such a way that the customer can never benefit and use words like wallet as everyone will assume that it works like mobile wallet like PAYTM.
When I asked your customer service agent as to how I can possibly use this money his answer was to book tickets for my family and friends.
in short that I should become a travel agent and give them additional revenue by booking for everyone i know just to use the wallet money.
I urge everyone to stop using and get lured by their promotional offers as its all a sham.
They design policies so that nobody benefits apart from them and use words like Wallets so that everyone will assume that they will work like mobile wallets and when confronted these companies hides behind fine print and gets away with this. Only when all of us consumers rally against such fradulent websites will they learn not to cheat the very customers who are giving them business.

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