Loan not sanctioned!

Hi Team,

Recently I have applied for a LOAN of 4.5 Lakhs in AXIS Bank for a medical emergency for my friend. Bank has told me that I am eligible for this loan amount and then I have proceeded with the loan formalities. Given all the necessary proofs for processing loan. But I have not seen any progress on the loan process, so I have called them and inquired but their reply was we cant able to process your LOAN because your CIBIL value has come "0". I have no withstanding dues pending with any banks.

I guess previously my CIBIL score is (-1) which indicates I have not taken any loan or hold any credit card. Just before 3 months I have applied for a credit card with AXIS Bank and received the card. But for that too I am paying dues on time. Then how come the values comes to "0"? I have no dues pending with AXIS at the moment.

This is very emergency, and I am very upset with AXIS Bank. At-least they should have inform me this before submitting all the necessary documents. NECK of the moment, they told that I am not eligible.. That too after I called them..

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