Lg Nexus 5x bootloop issue

I am having Lg Google Nexus 5x since December 2015. It was working perfectly since then, but after updating it to Android 8.0 it went into bootlloop for a day then there is no response from the phone. Not booting up or not showing any symbol while connected to charging. I took it to the service center of L.G they informed me that your motherboard is dead and it will cost you around 9000 - 10000 Rs to change.

Update was pushed from google via OTA. So i updated it. Now that's not my mistake to update a phone to a update which was pushed from google.

I even called google help center no is +1 650-417-9099 they said that you have to contact manufacturer for the support. And manufacture is LG ( which declared the phone dead ).

Without any mistake of mine i am being forced to buy a motherboard which costs around a new descent smartphone.
Shame on GOOGLE & LG.

I think this is their way of making money from people.

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