LG Microwave not repaired under support saying product discontinued

We have our microwave under support till 22.03.2014 to 21.03.2015 vide HLP no. 002293.
We have taken precaution and paid to cover this product in any type of failure.
Why we should suffer if LG has not taken the precaution to get the spares with them?
Why our calls are getting closed saying part discontinued?

I have spoken to LGr representative also, but all in vain.

Serial no. : 008DRWB001057
HLP no.: 002293.
AMC Period: 22.03.2014 to 21.03.2015
Complaint no.
RNA150209012665 dt. 09.02.2015
RNA150213022428 dt. 13.02.2015
CNA150213020557 dt. 14.02.2015
RNA150219067864 dt.
CNA150218207369 dt. 18.02.2015

Our Microwave is not working since 09th and the AMC period need to extend for the GAP of non services.

Suresh Bhardwaj
Mobile 8966066555
8/341, Vidhyadhar Nagar, Jaipur-302023
I am facing the same problem.
I bought a LG Microwave Modal MC2881SUS (Rs 14800/-) on 30-Dec-2014.
On my very first use in convection mode it stopped after 10 min showing error "E-02".

I raised a complaint to customer care on same day (Complaint No. RNA141230019550)
After 6 days service engineer visited and told me that its thermostat is faulty and need to be replaced. Since it was a new product I better opted to get it changed with another one from the shop.

I got a new microwave from the shop, another piece same modal.

After 4 months of use I got the same problem again. Showing error "E-02".

I raised a complaint on 26-04-2015. Complaint No. RNA150426060904.
On 28-04-2015 service engineer visited & told me that it thermostat & PCB are faulty and need to be replaced. He also placed an order for the mentioned part on same day.

Now 22 days have passed and when I called the service center I came to know that this product has been discontinued & its parts are no longer available.

I called the regional manager of LG (in Varanasi) but I could not get a proper reply.

Now this product is not being used by me though its warranty has not expired. I THINK I WILL GIFT IT TO THE REGIONAL MANAGER ITSELF. HOPE THEY CAN MAKE USE OF IT.

Shame on LG, never buy a LG product, WASTAGE OF MONEY.
This is usually caused by either a bad door switch (usually the top one), a loose door switch mount, or a problem on the control panel.

Even though a door switch clicks, it may still be bad inside. Its continuity must be checked.

Door switch or mount trouble can be caused by slamming the door or by opening the door while it's cooking without hitting the Stop pad first.
I raised complaint before 2.5 months and till there is no action, my fridge is off since 3 months, we should purchase godrej and samsung

LG service is worst than 3rd grade, it is waste of money

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