LG after sales service-no replacement even after payment

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A couple of months ago I purchased a 42"inch HDTV from LG through reliance digital located at Cunningham road in Bangalore. 2 Weeks ago the T.V wouldn't turn on @ around 8 am and we called the contact center and they referred us to the repair/ service center a day after contacting them. The next day a service technician arrives and tells us that its because of a lightening the TV had burnt out its so called Cells and we should have taken precaution to prevent these type of issues and we were quoted around Rs.6000 INR to get the 2month old TV repaired which I paid around 61K for....

I don't understand why this would not be covered under the warranty. After 3 days of waiting the service technician calls and informs that the parts are not available and that they have to procure the parts from Noida. He calls us again the next day only to tell us that they don't have any parts and that they will give us a full refund or a replacement. I agreed for a replacement and the service repairman collected the documents ( Proof of purchase etc to get a replacement). Its been 2 weeks and no one has responded or got back to us with an update. When contacted the LG contact center they gave us contact numbers for 3 so called managers, despite several attempts to contact the 3 managers , none even bothered to answer my calls or return my calls. I called the contact center who promised they would get back to me and expedite the replacement and till today I have not got any positive response .This experience has been frustrating and causing inconvenience . Any suggestions on what needs to be done and should I file in a Consumer complaint against LG ???
My personal experience is that they will make your condition worse by their unscrupulous attitude. They just don't understand what customer care is!!! For them customer is synonymous to money by hook or by crook:(

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