inquiry regarding update of KYC

What Adhar Card is Mandator to Link with Bank Account

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With due respect, I the undersigned would like to attract your kind attention, to the following few lines for favour of your information and necessary action: -
  • Today, as about 11.30 Am, I had been to Jagannath pada Branch of Kesinga and request the branch Mannager to update the KYC of my younger sister and produced Xerox copy of Learner License issued by Licensing Authority, Motor Vehicle Department, Kalahandi.
  • In reply of the same, the Branch manager has refused to accept the same, and asked me to produced Adhar Card of the account holder. As no any adhar card is readily available, I request him to accept the LL, which has been refused by the BM with a ple that, Adhar is complosury documents to update KYC, hence, let me know, is adhar is compoulsary for the purpose and in absence of adhar card KYC will be update or not.
  • In the above matter, on discussion the branch manager, asked me that, It is the guideline of our head office to accept only Adhar hence, kindly let me available one circular, if such circular has been issued by RBI, or any authority.
  • In the above matter, the Branch Manager asked me to close the account if you are unable to update KYC. In such a situation let me clear, should it be the version of a Branch Manager to asked a bonafied account holder to closed the account?
  • If, there is such provision, kindly confirm me, regarding such provision, for which Act, I will proceed to closed all the accounts of my family members from your Bank Branch and I will be in such of a new bank in our locality.

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