Infibeam misleads you into buying expensive fakes of famous books


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I ordered the well-known scholarly book ‘Hamlet’s Mill’ by Giorgio De Santillana ( under order ID : 13651521 (sub order ID: 22865066) ) from Infibeam for Rs 1409 (including sourcing fee. the book appears second on the list when you search for the title on I was shocked to receive instead a badly printed, slim collection of Wikipedia articles (including one on the original book – Hamlet’s Mill) by Jesse Russell and Ronald Cohn, published by Bookvika Publishing.

After I wrote to Infibeam customer service, and one of their representatives by name of Vaibhav called me, but said they will not be able to compensate me. Multiple emails to Anita of Infibeam customer service too got the same response. This despite the fact that I’ve been a regular customer with Infibeam over the last 5 years, having made close to 40 book purchases from them.

The fact is that Infibeam’s catalogue is designed to mislead [see screenshot] you into thinking that this cheap fake is the original – for instance:
1] it does not display a cover image
2] it does not display author name
3] the book description includes the words ‘Wikipedia Articles’ but is entirely about the original book and also mentions the original author
All this shows that the catalogue contents are deliberately meant to deceive customers looking for certain hard-to-get titles, and are willing to pay a premium for it.

Also, at the bottom of the same page, the cover image of the original is displayed as costing Rs750, but when you click on it, the price is shown as starting from Rs 8927!
I’m posting this here to warn all shoppers against falling for the fake titles listed on Infibeam catalogue and end up getting stuck with Wikipedia articles! And there are hundreds of books listed on Infibeam that are similarly fake - see for yourself!

S. Jose


This is not the only thing these scammers are known for.
I bought a set of watches from them and was Royally Scammed!
The Information placed for a set - Combo of 7 Watches (3 Imported Metal Watches+ 3 Imported Strap Watches+ 1 LED Watch) - was falsified. The price stated that the value of the watches altogether amounted to about 7600 and they were selling them at just Rs. 995. The products shipped were cheap fakes with overall worth no more than 1500/-. The ones you get for 150 a piece off the street.
One product was damaged during shipping. No replacement was provided, no response from team to solve issue just requests for more time and it's now over one month.
To make matters worse, one of the watches was damaged quite badly during shipping and I haven't even got a replacement!
As you can imagine, the customer support team has been less than helpful or courteous to my plight. Their "Floor Supervisor" named Khateja (sorry, but sometimes names are warranted) to expect a call back the next day to provide me with some details and updates. That was weeks ago.

I feel thoroughly cheated.
What can one do!
So the "great" (very, VERY loosely used) Customer Support team from Infibeam got back to me, only after the many many complaints I registered on the various consumer complaints networks. They immediately issued a pick up of the "defective" products and now they're unavailable to refund my money.
So not only did they get their products back but they have now kept me waiting over a week to refund my money.
WOW! I wonder how much more of this will they make me endure. It seems like mental torture for showing them how much of a scam their site is pulling off.

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