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Do we need transparent status of our complaint from Railway Dept?

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As only 2 Tickets were confirmed out of 5 Family members,Couldn't travel by train and we have filed the TDR via irctc on 28th May. PNR # 4106565226. TDR Complaint Reference # 100000049853004. There is no point of contact in Indian Railway to share the concern and know the status of my refund. I was given one Telephone # 02267623586 - Pankajam who is from the railway department . Whenever i called this number - no one is answering. Around Rs. 6200 need to be refunded to my account by the railway department. It is more than 3 months now. Kindly help me out to get my money refunded. IRCTC Team saying that Railway Dept. has to make refund to me which is meaningful. But, We don't know to whom we have to contact or know the status of the refund. I have 2 Contacts 02267623586 & 02267623586 which is no Use. No one is answering the phone. Also don't know the escalation process to get my money refunded.
Dear Sir, Please find below the details.

Transaction ID : 100000200730330
PNR No. : 4106565226
Date of TDR : 28-May-2015 - 9:45 PM
Train No. & Name : 16352 / NCJ MUMBAI EXP
Class : THIRD AC
Date of Journey : 28-May-2015
From : TPJ To : PUNE


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Did you file within 2 hours from time of departure of train? Otherwise you will not get any money.

I can see you've filed much later.
I have filed TDR before the Train departure and came to to Pune by another Train from Chennai. Fortunately i have booked 2 trains and other train from Chennai got confirmed. I have given the evidence that I have not travelled on this Train. Still the refund is getting delayed.
I have filed TDR as my train was delay by more than 3 hours, but i have been refunded only half amount. I have sent many mails to and I have tried calling on railway no:02267623586 but no response. Please tell me what to do?

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