India Post Office Savings Bank's injustice to me

What do I need to do in this case? Is my money really gone to nothing?

  • Do I need to escalate to RBI?

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  • Do I need to file a complaint in consumer court?

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  • Do Twitter will help in this case?

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I am an account holder in India Post Office Savings Bank(A/C--1377135173) .I had a money transaction from Chhapra Bank Money Spot ATM Post Office Branch of worth RS 10000 on 01-April-2019. When the money was being in the process of transaction, the light went off and the cash amount was not received from the ATM machine. However I got the message of deduction of the amount on my mobile. Seeing this I registered a complaint in the India Post customer care and initially they responded well but now they are saying that it is not their fault and hence the money cannot be returned back. I also called the Money Spot ATM customer care and found the same reply from them.

I just need to know that who is really responsible for this and why it is taking so much of time in this digital world where every moment is capture and can be audited. Why video recording is not in the picture there?Also why any data is not there in the database (Money Spot database) which can justify the total no. of currencies were taken off by the customers that day. I hope that will help in this case.

Below are the details of complaint :
Complaint No.- 190404000012
Transaction No.-- 909106026583
Customer Id (CIF) -- 1053563154

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