Immensely unreliable services, regular down times

I subscribed to YOU Broadband's internet services in December 2013, @20 Mbps per month. At that time, I was assured of minimal or no service interruption, and minimal or no speed impact.

Since then, YOU Broadband's internet services have been down regularly - often for several hours a day. Every time I call to make a complaint or register a complaint online, I get the same excuse - fiber cut. EVERY TIME.

Often - in fact almost every evening - the services either go down or the speed falls to 256-512 Kbps. I make a complaint, but someone calls back next morning to check if the connection is ok - 16 hours later. This is obviously useless, because I need the connection stable and high speed in the evening - not the next morning.

Till date, I will have called over 80 times to make complaints. Sometimes no one answers the Chennai number 96770-78787.

This service is incredibly bad. I have demanded the following:
1. Refund of at least 30% of the quarterly amount paid, because their service is down AT LEAST 30% of the time,
2. Regular, timely and immediate updates of "fiber cut",
3. Reduction in down time from 30% to 5%,
4. No down time and no speed reduction during the day from 6 AM to 8 PM.

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