ill treatment, behavior and no ethics towards treatment by Shrinivas R P (Manipal Hospital, Bangalore)

I have been identified with 6-7mm stone in urinal tube and got hospitalized to Manipal hospital Whitefield for about 2 days. As per Mr. Shrinivas R P (who is working with Manipal, Bangalore) there are 30% chances to get it treated via tablets.

Issue 1) No tablets has been provided to cure it. They kept me only on pain killers, gastric injections and anti-biotics and mentally pressurize me to undergo endoscopy surgery ONLY and killing the time and keep convincing me for continuous 2 days about it. NO tablets have been provided to cure the stone issue in these 2 days. Nobody from Manipal cared about the time loss I was having for not getting it treated. They have mentally pressurized me at a level where I was getting thoughts like won’t be able to go out from this hospital alive.

Issue 2) Because of the continuous dosages of pain killers, gastric injections and anti-biotics, myself become constipated and again NO oral has been provided to cure it. I asked them multiple times to provide me laxativies or syrup but again have insisted me only go via surgical ways only to get it treated. I forget the medical name of the process which they were suggesting over laxativies/fibre/syrup intake.

Yes, all these were happening with me for 2 days under the instructions of Mr. Shrinivas R P and Yes, he does NOT care about your post-surgery implications on your body and pressurize to treat the things only via surgery. He has given mental pressure on me via his assistant doctor Mr. Lokesh (as well!) to undergo surgery only even though I told him that I would like to get treated by oral drugs first even though there are 30% changes. If things won’t work with tablets, then only I can move to endoscopy, but NO tablet to cure stone has been given during my stay in Manipal and they even have not prescribe it over my discharge summary sheet.

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