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Dr. Tullio Simoncini: simple cure for cancer

Dr. Simoncini discovered that the cause of this terrible illness is a fungus and tried hard to persuade scientists how wrong are the actual theories on cancer. His therapy based on the strongest antifungal substance, sodium bicarbonate, is harmless and very effective and should be adopted all over the world.

In 1996 Dr. Simoncini received his Ph.D. in Philosophy from La Sapienza University. From 2000 to 2004 he devoted his focus to Oncology, also at La Sapienza University.Throughout his medical career, Dr. Simoncini pursued his personal theories regarding cancer. His first terminal patient, who went into remission in 1981, is still alive and well today.

Study showed that sodium bicarbonate is not only a safer, cheaper cancer remedy, it is more effective than dichloroacetate..

Dr. Peter Glidden talks about the incredibly low success rate for chemotherapy as a cancer treatment

“To sell chemotherapy as a “therapy” is most likely the biggest deceit in the history of medicine. Whoever masterminded this chemo-torture deserves a monument in hell.”
Dr. med. Ryke Geerd Hamer

Every Cancer Can be Cured in Weeks explains Dr. Leonard Coldwell
Dr. Leonard Coldwell states that every cancer can be cured within 16 weeks. Dr. Coldwell states how that’s possible in this video. He recommends using natural cancer cures as opposed to traditional cancer treatments..


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