HDFC credit card settlement

Dear Sir,

The bank had offered settlement at Rs.2,95,000.00 against the outstanding of Rs.4,37,711.40 during January 2015. During this period I have made payment of Rs.1,82,810.00 till August 2015 and Rs.43,000.00 (Rs.22,000.00 + Rs.21,000.00) post the settlement tenure ( September 2015 and November 2015).
In June 2016, the bank has kept hold of Rs 5,00,000 from my current account which was received from my client to be paid to the lab for testing.
After repeated followed up and request,bank is making a fresh settlement Rs.3,50,000.00 as a single installment to release the hold placed in the bank account. Since I have already made a payment of 2,25,810 (1,82,810 + 43000 ) in 2015, the outstanding should be 4,37,711 - 2,25,810 = 2,11,901./- from Dec 2015 onwards. The bank is not clarifying why the outstanding is not reduced or why they are charging 3,50,000. I need justification.
They had asked me to submit medical records for further not able to make payment, for which I had submitted medical records. They have not considered.
I am jobless, and arranged to make the payment from my relatives and friends which I owe to payback. Am unable to settle the amount for 3,50,000 which is a huge amount. Kindly help me to get proper reversal of payment. I am depressed with the bank debt manager attitude, she was very rude and using fowl language during my visit to the bank. Again the bank customer care is asking me to talk to her. Debt Manager Ms.Neetu Sharma at 9343541282.
She is arrogant and very abusive in words, she threatens and its difficult to communicate, when requested the zonal manager Mr.Binod to guide me. He has given up. Am helpless. Please help. The bank has already consumed 14 days and now in two days, the amount will be taken by Bank as of now it is on hold.
Please help me.
query reference number is 16169769391.
sir ,
i was asked last 8 months for settlement but your telecaller asked pay minimum amount and i was forward settlement but all are cheaters this month i was not pay thay say for settlement this month and say total outstanding. but last 8 months i was pay minimum amount for settelment, last 8 month my minimum amount deduct and i will pay balance amount other i iam not paying anything
u decide thanks

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