HDFC credit card no - 5242 1610 0118 9353. (account blocked, left with no option othe


This is in regarding HDFC credit card no - 5242 1610 0118 9353.
Due to some financial issue i was unable to make payment for last couple of month and i have conveyed the same message to collection department as well.
I told the respective department that ill be paying the required amount on 1st of august 2015 but the concern department blocked my salary account, after this i have spoken to customer care and they told me if i pay the minimum amount which is 7700, the will unblock my account so i can make payment in future with ease.
I have managed the amount and processed the payment yesterday but now they are saying that they are not going to unblock my account and will take the whole amount at once.
I don't have any option in my hand as the have all my salary, how will i survive as they left me with no option other then suicide.
Please help me to settle things so i ca continue living.
I have already this query and my mail query reference no is : 15215787029

MO: 9036755655
Dear Sirs/Madams

One of my customer made a NEFT from HDFC bank to my account at Bank of Baroda, but the payment goes to some other account as he wrongly written a last digit of my account no.

The details I have is as fallows

Sender's Details

A/c No: 3199676044305
UTR No-N22215008725459
AMOUNT: Rs 40,000/-
DATE: 10.08.2015

My Account details

A/c No-24280500004375

But the amount is transferred to account no 24280500004374 instead of 24280500004375. Now my bank is asking to make a formal email from your concerned branch mentioning the wrong entry of the NEFT by the customer, so that they could proceed to collect the money from the account holder. We informed the same thing to the manager of HDFC Jagatpur branch. Then on the next working day we got informed that they have reported the issue to HDFC's NEFT team and the email will come to Bank of Baroda through RBI and this is the proper process.

Now my query is, whether this is the only process to inform the beneficiary bank, and is this really too difficult to put an direct email to Bank of Baroda, Samantrapur Branch for the HDFC Jagatpur Branch? I am afraid that the way things are going, I will never be able to get my money back.

Please do the needful.

Pradosh Mohapatra

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