Harrowing LG Customer Care Service

This is regarding an LG Direct Drive washing machine model # T7018AEEP5 that I had (unfortunately) purchased from LGE on 18-Oct, 2011. Ever since it has been giving me a recurrent error "AE" and would not work at all. Each time it stopped working, it was taken to the service center and kept there for a couple of weeks to well over a month. After the last time it was returned to me in mid Dec, 2013, despite my protests that it had already been at their service center over half a dozen times and for several months (each time for 2 weeks to 6 weeks at a stretch) in a span of about an year for the same problem and it should be replaced. I had refused to accept the defective product from the servic center the last time (complaint # RNA131116077997). I was however assured that the problem has been fixed entirely and would not recur and was charged over Rs. 1800/-. Yet in about 40 days the same problem has stalled the machine again. The customer care executive assured me that the case (current complaint # RNA140201099502) has been opened on priority and that someone would call me in 2 hours. As always in over 24 hours now no one has called!!! Interestingly each time I would call any of these guys I would be told that someone would get back in a defined time, however that never happened even once! I had to call someone or the other endlessly to eventually get no information to incomplete/misguiding information. No one actually cared about my woes and pain however everyone did without fail mention the mechanical "We are really sorry and we understand your problem" crap. That doesn’t surprise me now because I have understood a few facts about their culture quite clearly.

The customer means a milking machine to them.
Their 1 minute is undefined and could be as much as several months as if they exist in a different temporal dimension. I feel the great physicists of the world figuring out "Time" tirelessly should consult LG to understand their discovery and technology!
Their product quality means luck. (If the customer is lucky the product would last)
Their customer care means exasperating the customer to a limit that they stop complaining.
Their engineers do not understand their products and are incompetent to fix them.
They would respond only when they see a problem heading their way.
And their words have no value and its intention is just to silence the suffering and complaining customer.

My only advice to anyone buying LG product is this. Their product may or may not work as expected or promised (I have other LG products working fine) but if unfortunately the product on which you spent your hard earned turns out to be defective the LG customer service will make you cry in blood and you will regret, as I do, on your decision. Worse you wouldn't eventually get a satisfactory resolution!

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