Gati India - Gati Country Manager Nepal Calls Customers Liars & Cheaters

Point No.3 is the main focus-

1. My Gati shipment from Indore to Kathmandu (Docket 499024648) was dispatched on 23rd November with an assured delivery on 3rd December. These were household goods (2 cartons, total 27kgs) of used clothes with absolutely no commercial value at all which was finally delivered on 13th December. We prepaid Rs.2100 in Indore which was told to us as entire expenses up till Kathmandu. The invoice and declaration was given along with as told to us.

2. There was wrong assurance for time and pricing given by Mr. Pradeep Tripathi (+91 7869962653) given in the beginning. There was not a single follow up from any Gati personnel from India or Nepal for the delays. We as customers, constantly followed up every single day.

3. Mr. Navin Chaturvedi (+977 9802900506), Country Manager Nepal, in response to our strong mail, said "How can you digest such wrong information given by Gati personnel" and put the blame on us. Further, he blamed us for lying since beginning and for proving false documents to avoid custom duties.

4. When Mr. Susheet Srivastava, SAARC Head (+91 9910073333) was informed of the same, his corrective measures included a refund of the CnF amount (NPR 1050) and an apology from Mr. Navin (which he sent as one line by email).

Unfortunately, these measures do not stand enough for me. The matter now is not about the delays and the mixup, it is about Mr. Navin's behavior and him calling us liars and accusing us for providing false documents. It is tragic how Gati has employed such personnel as country level managers.

It is my duty to create awareness among Gati's existing and potential customers as to what they should expect when dealing with Gati. Apart from the loss caused due to delays, I wish to be compensated for the blame and acquisitions put on us. A mere amount of NPR 1085 refund does not make up for it.

I have the entire email conversation as proof with me, which can be given if required. I hope this reaches Mr. Mahendra Agarwal and other top executives at Gati.

Thanks and Regards
Praneet Tulshyan
+977 98020 65746


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