Fske and Counterfeit product from LG. Made in china in the name of made in india


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Purchased a led tv 2years back for Rs 85000, seeing made in india and LG brand. Now the product is faulty and screen is flickering. on enquiry Lg service center said it cant be repaired and panel is to be replaced worth Rs 30000. To my surprise when the service person opened the back cover it was written made in china. LG is selling made in china products by covering the back with made in india tag. On the box of tv and at the back its written made in india and inside the back cover and all other hidden areas its written made in china. LG is cheating all indians by selling fake duplicate substandard chinese products. i was surprised as to why with only 2 years of usage this led tv worth Rs 85000 is faulty. it was because it is a substandard chinese make. LG is selling its products by saying made in india and spreading misinformation. I want my product replaced with original made in india product.

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