Freezing of Bank accounts by various Banks for want of KYC compliance.

Would like to suggest RBI that let the Central Bank look into this issue because of which innumerable customers are getting hassled . The banks take refuge behind the RBI guideline of having every account KYC Compliant and Banks in turn provide required certificates to RBI ,stating that they have complied with the RBI instructions. But in reality,what is happening that customer accounts are getting frozen without any due notice to the customer/s. The Banks claim that they have forwarded the desired messages/notification to the customers but none of the Banks have any confirmation process in place to prove the same. My suggestion is Banks should send letters or messages and take confirmation of the same from each customer irrespective of their customer volume/numbers. If they fail then RBI should take appropriate measures because many a customer have only realised this when they went to either withdraw money from ATMs or issued any cheque.There may be instances where the customer may have urgent requirement for medical/accidental/payments to made and when despite having balance in the account,the customer is not able to meet his/her urgent requirement of cash.It may be life threatening implications. Hope RBI would sincerely look into the issue to ensure that no customer is un necessarily hassled or inconvenienced due to this improper way of the banks to force customers to KYC Compliance

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