Flipkart Organised Loot with Exchange Offers

I am providing my last email for reference so can understand complete issue
Seems life has started moving faster and with it the human touch has lost we have more online friends then in real , even when family dinner we all are on mobiles and that near shopkeeper mobile buying experience and relation with shopkeeper has been lost with our greed to get discount and at last its we consumer who are losing everything we are killing small business establishments mobile shops as we buy from companies like Flipkart
Dear Team Flipkart.
I am running pillar to post talking to different customer care executive.
As per on Flipkart app the solution was promised by 18/03/19 by 12:30 pm and all I get is that my number is not reachable where I am getting calls on the same number but it's only not available for Flipkart strange.
I am keeping all the emails and communication for reference to proceed for filing a case in consumer court and will also see the possibilities of filing a PIL against Flipkart organized Loot which is happening through Exchange offers.
I am going to write a complete experience so you can better understand the issue and come out with a solution.
Ordered a Poco F1 for my son the amount was paid by card it was mentioned that if the phone has the following issue it will not be picked up and still can take new phone by paying the complete amount.
The checklist of issues that the exchange phone should not have as per your website is
Products with the following issues will not be picked up:
Power Issue - Not switching on
Dead pixels, spots, lines or static on any part of the screen/display
Crack on the screen, light emitting from the side of the screen
Crack on the panel, dents in the body, swollen handset and buttons missing
Charging port damaged
The executive from Flipkart came to my office to check the mobile I want to get exchanged.here will like to bring to your kind notice he did not have anything to test a device he does not install any device to check hardware he was not having any technical knowledge he said a word with someone on phone and then said phone has an issue so can't take the phone he was unable to show what was the problem with the phone.
I will like to bring to you notice that I got my phone checked by local mobile repair shop and also from oneplus service center and according to them phone has no issue it is a scratches phone with no marks nothing on screen no hardware issue.
I reached to customer care by requesting a call back on phone no one has a solution all they have is a language we will resolve the same in 3 days.
I had a word with customer care thrice and all have the same thing to say then Flipkart app on my phone start showing that will provide the solution by 18/03/19 by 12:30
and another surprise is when I got an SMS that my phone is not available so Flipkart will get back to me after a few hours where I am getting all the calls.
It shows you don't have any priority to resolve the case.
What I have understood from all this is I am mentioning kindly correct me if I am wrong your reply on this is very much required.
To increase the sales Flipkart offers exchange offers and I am sure it increases the sales my many folds.
Flipkart has a 3rd party contract who pick up the old exchange devices or they have it direct if it's a direct Flipkart pickup then it’s an Organized loot by Flipkart if its 3rd party then they are spoiling the name of the Flipkart, in any case, it’s the responsibility of Flipkart to take care that 3rd party does not refuse anyone without reasoning something like a report of testing should be provided.
As Indian consumer any product when bought for the love once hold a sentimental value and seems
Flipkart is playing with those sentiment and making big money. When some one order a mobile and he is refused an exchange even when he knows that his phone has no issue, he can’t do anything he can’t see his love one for whom the mobile was ordered in bad mood so even if it’s very difficult for them to arrange money they do and get the mobile by paying money in complete. So, in maximum cases will be happening Flipkart is making money and the consume is suffering to find out the truth will see if RTI on total sales done by flipkart in exchange can be asked and from where it can be asked.
I need and demand my right to get the Poco F1 on the same price and Flipkart should acknowledge that they will take care this does not happen to anyone.
Kindly clear the following point so in case I am not provided Poco F1 phone on the same price which was Rs 9299/. The kind of harassment and mental torture it was dealing all this should get it free of cost from Flipkart but all I am asking for a rightful price and an acknowledgment that they will take care that same does not happen to others.
2 An organizational structure with email and names to reach them in case there is no action from Flipkart.
3 Does your company come in RTI act kindly provide details of the Person to Whom the RTI is addressed.
Looking forward to your reply at the earliest


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