Flipkart is a worst e commerce in this industry

Hello everyone .flipkart why there is no provision to hive zero or negative rating?
Don't ever buy electronic goods from flipkart platform.. this is the worst online platform and doesn't deserve to be trustworthy... it is utter worst...
They sell refurbished,old products in good packing and sell to us and cheat the customers..Amazon is best go for it..
I was cheated twice and repent buying goods from this stupid,pathetic,disgusting e-commerce service.
Coming to this product.. the less we talk the much better it is..
1.Flipkart is associated with such gaandu,cheater sellers where the products that doesn't success in open market...they get rid off using this falthu platform and refuse to take return and Flipkart guys support them...what is this nonsense?

2.Worst cooler...no no good heater...Cooler is throwing hot air defective piece..product was packed way back in April 2018,i was delivered in this month
I didn't expect this from flipkart team.
3.Performance: Kept close to the body for cooling but of no use .. Just used for 1hour no cooling effect even after putting ice cold water at zero degrees..in fact throwing Hot air instead... kept close to the body for cooling but of no use .. moreover suffered from earache due to horrible blower sound...Hence I put it for a return..

4.The stupid product makes such a disgusting noise that i suffered from earache by just using for 1 hour due to horrible blower sound...
5.Taking it to consideration,I put it for return for which one dumb,stupid technician was allotted by Stupid associate JEEVES and that idiot came and checked less than 30 secs. and without considering my opinions straight away rejected my return request..
6.I immediately contacted customer Care and those fellows again contacted Jeeves and that fellow again called me on phone and the cycle repeated and at the end of the day ...again it was rejected... these stupid customer care fellow quotes that Sorry sir,based on technician opinion product is fine and cannot be returned.
and this vicious cycle continues till the window period for return lapses and after that they will close the options and force to put the product by our self. what a strategy Flipkart and what a way to cheating customers.. kudos..
. when customer is facing problems with the product and want to return it Is it not the fundamental responsibility of you to handle the issue?Instead these idiots tell us that Seller is not accepting to take... So at the end of the day...Seller Made Money and is happy .U brokers made money and you are happy we made Sorrows by putting our hard earned money in vain I.e.,flipkart.well done guys..
I,being customer from 2014... now decided to uninstall app from my phone and never deal with this dishonest,cheating app again..
At the end Flipkart is big supportive of there sellers like WS retail etc., but not the end customer...

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