False charges and wrong commitment of the doctors

This is the incident that took place yesterday ie 24 of July 2017 one of my friend had a severe stomach pain and vomiting problem. Took her to the nearby hospital ''BALHARA HOSPITAL''NEB SARAI NEW DELHI,where she was forced to get on IVF to get glucose done . Till now no body told us abything about the charges ,they kept on repeating the same thing that you have to pay for the medicines and injections. After an hour or too when we were done with the medication they told me that now i have to pay 700 for the bed charges and i was ok with that and particularly asked the receptionist NISHA and the other nurse for how long is this valid they said for three days and in particular i asked them if the same problem occured then in next 3 days there is no bed charges they said yes. I paid them by card and then i asked them for the recipt they denied and told me that i would get the proper recipt after 3 days.After 4 hours pain again started and took her to the same BALHARA HOSPITAL they asked me to get the glucose done with the pain killer i agreed and did whatever they said. While leaving they again asked me for the bed charges ,they argued and was very aggresive for making the payment of 700 . The male compunder named MADAN KR JANA which was so reluctant even in giving his name and giving the recipt. This time I just asked them to make both the recipt of the morning and the evening as i am making a payment without any proper proof.After a long argument and talking to and fro with the receptionist they made a recipt which was more or less fake as the same compouder was signing differently on both the recipt they did not even entered the name in there register .THE NAME OF THE PATIENT WAS GEETANJALI .This hospital is just making fool out of people and getting money out of our pocket. So want a further inquiry on this BALHARA HOSPITAL and their staff members for their false commitment and wrong practice of money laundering .I have the reipt of the payment with the bank statemnt which i would be attaching .

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