EMirates did not allow to board international flight for invalid reasons

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I along with my family had valid shenegen Visa from Belgium and we had planned to travel to Switzerland on 29th June 2013 thorugh Emirates. My visa had a stamp which requested me to report to embassy before 03rd July 2013. This request was to report to embassy after my visit to shenegn states. The emirates officer on duty did not allow me and my family to board my flight as I had not visited the embassy; he insisted that I should have visited before my planned travel. He insisted me to cancel my flight to avoid no show. As it would have cost my entire 6 lakhs investment to go to a bin, I shifted my plan to visit London as I had visa for London as well. This has cost me additional 1.68 lakhs for change of flights. In addition I have lost my investment to Switzerland trip. For more than two hours it was so much of stress for me, my mother and my wife. We were at the airport with our 2.5 years daughter with baggage packed and no where to go. I had spent additional 1.68 lakhs of my hardcore savings of years in a single moment to save my 6 lakhs. However, on 01st July 2013, we went to Belgium embassy in London, they clarified that I can visit shenegn states as I have a VALID visa and the stamp is just to report back to embassy that we are back to India and have left shenegen states. They said its ok for me and my family to visit the states however we should report back once in our own country and crossing the date should be OK unless Visa dates are not expired. They also said that embassy understands that plans change and hence if we report later than specified date is Ok unless we have travel on valid visa dates, which of course was complaint in my case. I did travel to Belgium and Paris with same visa. With this I see no reason why the emirates officer refused me to board flight; it was his problem that he was not able to interpret it correctly and why should I pay for his incorrect interpretation of the document. I will not expect a international flight officer on duty to make this wrong interpretation so grossly and make his client pay heavily for same.


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Here is the complaint procedure in Delhi. It is more or less same everwhere.

Just prepare you complaint neatly, describing the complaint in details, giving proofs and file it in consumer court of the juridiction of Airlines with a DD. I hope you should file damages for more than 9 lacs. In that case I think you'll need to contact state consumer forum.

Don't hire any advocate. You can do better yourself.
In most of the Denied boarding cases, the duty officers would be the write the reason to deny journey on the E-ticket receipt. It can be used as an evidence if it is a wrong interpretation. you need to meet the regional manager emirates and explain.

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