Dr Vinay Prakash Anvekar

I am writing about Dr Vinay Prakash Anvekar who practices at below address.

Vinayaka Sai Dental Clinic
Address: #13/A, Ground Floor, 4th Cross, Bavi Colony, Thavarekere Main Road,, Near St John's Wood Apartment,, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560029

I booked the appointment from :- https://www.practo.com/bangalore/clinic/vinayaka-sai-dental-clinic-madiwala

I had worst experience of my life as my quality of life has been compromised to greater degree after treatment by Dr Vinay Anvekar.

When I went for consultation for ulcer on 22nd of Oct-2017, Dr Vinay suggested to go for Surgery and enameloplasty immediately and scared me saying that ulcer may turned into cancer. I questioned him if any complications after Surgery and enameloplasty as I was traveling to Delhi for 2-3 weeks, He said no complications.
When I reached on 24th for the process, Dr was not on the clinic, there was a junior Dr (She is not even registered there). She started looking the teeth and said that lets do the filing first and try to convince me for filing. When I said I am not there for the filing the she called the doctor and gave me the topical anesthesia spray on ulcer which spread in my complete mouth. Doctor came after 30 min and started the process when I complained the pain the he gave me the anesthesia by injection then completed the process on 24rth OCT-2017. I started feeling uneasiness in talking and my tongue started hurting by teeth and become completely red when I went back to Dr Vinay on 7th Nov-2017 and complained about the same then he said that we have to do enameloplasty on other teeth's. That was my biggest mistake that I allowed him to do the same by trusting him. After that I am always in pain and facing below issue daily. When I tried calling him or visited him to explain the issue, he started confusing me and misguiding me. He did the enameloplasty on my all the left side teeth.
Below is the health issues happen to me by his treatment.
I have continues heaviness and discomfort on my lower lip after minor surgery. I have attached the picture of the ulcer which he has removed by enameloplasty. Now I have teeth bit issue on my left side of the jaw as Dr grinned my teeth’s. Now my left side teeth have low and high points and sharp edges which continues hurt my tongue and cheek. Dr should understand this before starting the process and explain me which he never did.Dr grinded the RCT cap and made the surface rough which started my tongue. After enameloplasty one of my teeth sensitivity and started pain and I have to get removed the same. Most of my left teeth are sensitive and pain also. I have so much pain that not able to concentrate on anything and always in pain.

Finally I have to get one teeth removed and RCT cap replaced to get some relief from pain and discomfort from pain. I have to consult multiple doctors where they have suspected altered sensation. I have prescriptions from other doctors if you would like to see. I have brain MRI and CT scan but nothing comes up so finally it look like a case of altered sensation and nerve damage as I feel all the time discomfort on surgery site and my tongue keep hurting because of wrong grinding of the teeth.

On practo his consultation fee is Rs 200 but he charged me rs300 (slip attached).
Please let me know if more information is required.

Please have a look into the attached documents and let me know if more information.

Currently taking treatment from other doctors for the above issue and have all the prescription where I have been treated for altered sensation due to above dental process.

I have forwarded the same complain to Karnataka state dental council last week and waiting for the reply.

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