Dr Tarun Mittal, Dermatologist (Skin Secialist), Dehradun

Our experience (my wife's skin problem - BOILS) to visit Dr Tarun Mittal has been rather surprising (negative), astonishing and shameful. We were referred by a couple of people and took appointment a day before. We were enthused to see many patients and we took it as a positive sign. We were called and the next 2 mins completely changed our perception. The patient explain the issue and mentioned that one boil is appearing on the forehead and there are many other on various other places. Dr Tarun Mittal asked to show all the boils for which the patient was nervous and reluctant, and told that the other boils are similar to the one on the forehead. The doctor then started using 'not-so-pleasant' words... 'pagli', 'jhnadu'... 'kam padhi likhi' etc etc... I was stunned at the behavior, which was remained mum. The patient had emotional experience... without even trying to convince the patient, how can you start using all these words!!! Later I was told similar experience by 1-2 more people. The only point worries me, why so many people go there and how come I was referred by at least 2 people? Nevertheless, 'Crowd doesn't always justifies the deeds'.... BAD EXPERIENCE and WON'T RECOMMEND!! BEWARE!!!
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best dermatologist in Patna

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