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Hi all, Be careful before getting the surgery done. (I lost my mother in law)

My mother in law age 65 had a cyst in her spine due to which suddenly her one leg was not moving. We got admitted to MGM Hospital Vashi.

Doctor categorically explained us for undergoing surgery ASAP was the only solution as cyst needs to be removed (which was in her lower spine) and gave us assurance after surgery within 15 to 20 days she will able to walk on her own.

For the readiness of the surgery all the required test was done (BP/ Blood test/ CT Scan etc.....)

Within 48 hrs after surgery doctor told she has to undergo one more surgery, the new cyst has been seen on the same place where surgery was done. Now her both legs became un-operational and she lost the sense of motion and urine.

After staying one month in hospital MGM Vashi her condition became bad to worst, not one percentage of recovery instead her health started deteriorating we lost her within a year after surgery.

My question is if the doctor was not sure about the surgery he should have told us to move to another hospital.?

Her one leg was in good condition when she came to MGM Vashi also her urine and motion sensation was perfectly normal.

Her another leg sensation was gone after surgery HOW COME??

What went wrong during surgery?? Only Dr. Dhiware knows.....

After the discharge, we tried getting in touch with the doctor several numbers of times complaining about no improvement he told we need to wait and watch nothing much can be done.

According to Dr Subhash Dhiware he did her best during the surgery. But my perception towards doctor changed.
A big loss for us. Mr. Dr. Dhiware failed in surgery. Worst Hospital MGM Vashi.

Pallavi Vaidya

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