Dr SK Gupta - Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Hospital - Inhuman Behavior

just to bring to notice of all that Dr SK Gupta of Rajiv Gandhi, misguided us during treatment time of my mother who was suffering from cancer . He gave her most expensive drug chemo drug without even seeing the physical conditions which results into her death in the span of 1.5 month while she was living happy and healthy life post her operation which happened in AIIMS about 2.5 tears back.
i want to file a case against Dr SK Gupta nd ICU doctor who kept her on ventilator even after her death and didn't informed us about same.

Now a days such cases are very normal in Rajiv Gandhi Cancer hospital where doctors were doing R&D of expensive chemo drugs on patients in inhuman fashion and dont give a damn even if they collapse.

Please guide me that how can i make our law punish them .
My name is Rahul, aged 31. When I was 28, I had severe pain in my head, when shown to the doctors at Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute and Research Centre. They found that I had cancer cells in my brain. The doctors advised me to get admitted immediately at their cancer facility. The team of doctors treated me with great care and I underwent few medical procedures which helped in removing the cancer cells, and today I am back to normal life. I must say that their treatment was quite effective as it helped me recover quickly and the doctors still care about my health through regular check ups.
Rajiv Gandhi cancer institute and research center situated in Delhi is known to be the most trusted cancer hospitals across India. My uncle was treated here for lung cancer. With a team of highly professional doctors specialized in almost all kinds of cancer and their treatments, it is one of the best hospitals for cancer treatment. The patients and their families always give positive feedback for the doctors and the organization.

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