Dr RR Pandey Vimhans hospital

I wanted to write a complaint letter to the head of the Vimhans hospital, concerning the very rude and unprofessional behaviour of one the the “ so called Senior doctor - RR PANDEY”. A man with zero politeness and professionalism.
The incident took place on 23rd of April’ 2018. I was very worried for my father’s health and out of concern I asked the doctor for the reason he think could be for his severe pain in the head, he did not even bothered to asked him the previous treatment and medicines. Also he rudely reacted stating a complete half an hour lecture where he meant to say that Me and other people like me who asked for the reason of illness are big time fool and completely wastes doctor time.
Besides even stopping him for his foolish statements many a times he so rudely continued to talk what so ever he wanted to say. As if we have paid him 1200/- for listening to all his bullshits.
I would have taken some serious step their at the hospital for his unprofessional behaviour, but only considering his age and profession, I somehow controlled myself.
But yes this is a promise that I will definitely escalate this matter further to all the social media mentioning and requesting people not to consult to doctor RR PANDEY at Vimhans hospital.
As not only me but everyone expects the doctors to be polite and humble with everyone, as the people who comes to the hospital see the doctors as a Godly figure and saviour.

Kshitiz Verma

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