Dr.Manish Nanda - Fraud- Money Extortion

So we visited in Emergency, for a deep cut in the wrist.
The initial junior doctors did there analysis and told it's not serious but it's deep, so it will need surgery to stitch and they covered it with a bandage.
Then came Manish Nanda, without seeing the cut, without discussing things in details with the patient, without any analysis. He told the tenders are affected, and it will need surgery to repair the tenders and stitch the area. Even when the patient was able to move fingers without any pain (That moment only I understood his intentions), but we were too nervous to think anything else at that time.

We agreed to whatever he said, as we had no option. Then we were told go to TPA to get the details of the amount to be paid.

Woah! I was given an estimate close to 2 lakhs for a simple surgery of 30 mins. That's where I understood that this doctor is extorting money.
When I went to the doctor and asked for some concession, he said as a concession all I can do is, give you peace of mind with my work. Damn! I lost it completely that time, He is saying, he will do his job properly because I am requesting him so much. Imagine what kind of doctors we have. All these are just money machines.

Later I thought to go to some other hospital of the same reputation. And there I had to pay 30k only. So see the difference 30k and 2lakhs.
I would have got all the money from my corporate policy, but still, I was bothered because of overcharging.

I have sent several emails to IMA and other associations about this kind of stuff done by this doctor. These kinds of doctors should be thrown out.


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