Dr. Kailash N. Singla, Gatroenterology- "ek thapad marunga chup karke lait ja"


This is to aware common people about the doctor who is very incompetent and misbehaves with his patients.

My sister had gone to this doctor's clinic KAILASH CLINIC on 19/10/2015 for test of endoscopy. The staff after giving anesthesia told her to lay down on bed and made her wait for 30 minutes. The doctor we don't know for what reason came very late and was rude right from the beginning.

He said , "sanskari nahi hai...... ek thapad marunga chup karke lait ja......tu kaise nahi kara pari ....abhi ek 5 saal ki ladki kara ke gayi hai". everybody knows how difficult it is to take that big fat iron pipe inside your mouth.
He should have been quiet kind in his behavior. With his behavior, he scared her even more and started crying.

not just this even the nurse and fellow staff members were very rude and lost their temper. My family had to leave on the spot.

On the above of this, the surroundings were very unhygienic and there were blood stains on bed sheets in KAILASH CLINIC.

We consider doctors to be god but currently after this experience it will be very difficult to look these people from this point of view and we need to be careful in judging the right doctor.

Phn number - 011 2742 7231
I visited Kailash N Singla on 19th September 2016. After waiting for 2 hours when my name was called I asked him a couple of questions to which he responded in a most ignorant manner and started behaving in a very awkward way and started saying things that had nothing to do with my questions (Indians have habit of asking questions and things like you have ego issues, I have lived in U.S foe 2 years). I feel a man who is mentally week can't be a good doctor. If you are an educated person please don't visit this so called Intellectually bankrupt doctor. VERY UNFRIENDLY, RUDE, DISCOURTEOUS, STINGY, UNSCHOOLED, NAIVE and GREEDY........

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