Dr. Gurvail S. Sandhu (Regd 26933), Gen. Surgery, Batala, Punjab

Sub: Complaint against rude behaviour, unfair practise, Professional misconduct & overcharged bill
Dear Sir,
My name is Panna Bamohtra , aged 35 years r/o Mohala Sant Nagar, Qadian, Distt. Gurdaspur, Punjab.
Last week I met with an accident and suffered fracture in my collar bone and minor head injuries. First, I was admitted in Ortho specialist hospital named Prabh Simran at Batala & thereon I was referred to Multi Speciality Sandhu Hospital few meters away from my first hospital on the Evening of 14-May-2017 (Sunday, around 4.30 pm) as there were some symptoms of urine infection.
We met there Dr. Gurvail S. Sandhu, the M.D. of the Sandhu Hospital. He advised us for immediate admission in his hospital stating some serious issue. We were told that the charges for general ward is Rs. 1,000 per day and for Pvt. room is Rs. 2,500 per day & medicines as actuals. As I was in immense shoulder pain, my family members decided to go for pvt. room and paid Rs. 2000 as advance for which the reception made an entry in their register.

Around 5 pm I was shifted to Pvt. room. It was very hot that day so we asked the ward boy to turn on the room A.C.. The ward boy asked us to pay Rs. 500 extra to avail A.C. service for 24 hours. This was little surprising to us but we give more importance to treatment and requested him to switch it on which he did. It was just half an hour past , we were sent several reminders to deposit Rs. 500 for this extra luxury. Quite irritating ,my family immediately deposited the amount at reception. The entire night i was continuously on drips one after another (All the medicines were purchased by us from in-house Chemist store). Next morning I was referred to Walia Diagnostic Centre for ultrasound. There on examining the Sonologist told us that everything is normal so no need to worry. It was around 1 pm when we came back and showed the reports to Dr.G.S. Sandhu. On seeing the ultrasound report, he said we may go back to home in the evening but my family members asked for immediate discharge. After some resistance he agreed on this. We requested the reception to make the discharge papers ready.
We were told that the papers will be ready post lunch time. We reminded the staff several times after lunch but in vain. The staff kept on delaying stating some issue with the system. Around 3 p.m. we were handed a small plain slip where an amount of Rs. 5,500 was mentioned. We asked for the details which the staff again delayed for another half an hour and came back on the back of small slip mentioning Rs. 2500 + Rs. 2500 (Pvt. room charges for two days i.e. 14 & 15 May) and Rs. 500 extra for A.C.

We thought it was an error of judgement by the staff so we asked to correct the slip i.e. Room charges for 1 day (From 5 pm on 14th May till 1.30 pm on 15th May). The staff said it was decided by Dr. Sandhu that room charges for 2 days to be levied to us. We requested the staff to let us talk to the doctor for clearance but they did not allow us to meet him. Instead staff told us that Dr. Sandhu takes Nap in the noon hrs so they can not disturb his sleep and asked us to wait till he comes back for evening OPD. Kindly note that it is residence cum hospital of Dr. G.S. Sandhu.

At 5 pm we were allowed to see the doctor but instead of a polite greet the seasoned sr. doctor started behaving very rudely to us in front of his staff members in his cabin. He started with some illogical comments like if it was Delhi he would have charged us Rs. 2500 as consultancy fees like his son who practises in New Delhi. He kept on adding some more imprudent examples like if public can afford Luxury 5* Hotel bills , why can not you pay for Pvt rooms at Hospitals. We put up our point that the hotels & hospital are two different things . Hotels are meant for vacations, enjoyment and official trips where in Hospital a patient takes this facility under compulsion for better treatment and moreover hotels clearly have policy of check- in and check- out timings which is clearly displayed on various platforms and clearly communicated to public in advance. Also govt. charges luxury taxes on hotels whereas hospital are exempted from such taxes. Moreover, There is no such Rate chart mentioned anywhere in your hospital. He started making fun of us in front of his obedient staff.Considering the age and seniority of the doc we decided to pay the bill but courteously asked for the receipt. This ruffled him more . He said that his hospital does not provide any receipts to any patients. He further added that we may reach anywhere but can do no harm to him. We requested for a valid bill which he refused initially but when we convinced him that we need to get refund from the employer , he halfheartedly ordered his staff to make the bill and asked us to leave his cabin as his evening OPD patients are waiting outside. We politely agreed and left the cabin.

After some time , the accountant came to us with a manual bill with little changes in description but no change in the total amount. A.C. charges were replaced with two days nursing charges. We requested the accountant to insert check-in and check-out timings also on the bill along with Cash Paid stamp on it. He refused to do so. Now this made one of my family angry and he threatened to call the police. Then he unwillingly mentioned timings on his own on the customer copy but did not do so on carbon copy. We some how got the check out timing corrected and requested Doctor to endorse receiving of the entire bill amount. After so many requests the doctor signed the bill and told us not to come to his hospital ever again in future.

It was very horrifying experience with Dr. G.S. Sandhu & want the concerned panel to take some strict action against such unfair trade practises prevalent in the society, mostly in Not so educated 3- tier cities of our country.

The relevant papers are attached herewith.

Hoping for reasonable action.

Panna Bamhotra


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