Dr. Aarti from Tvacha Clinic (Snehal Hospital) Thane West - Be aware from above Hospital/Doctor

My experience to visit Dr. Aarti (Tvacha Clinic, Snehal Hospital, Thane (w)) has been very negative.

I have visited to above mentioned clinic on 25th Nov 2017 for consulting about hair transplant. Then Dr. Aarti from above mentioned clinic told me that she can treat this hair baldness without hair transplant & regrowth hair at bald area using advance laser technology. Also confirmed me that result will appear after 1 month.
I have started treatment with fees of 61000 (for 6 sittings). I have paid 31000 in advance and started my treatment.

She has told me that there is no any side effect from medicine which she is recommended. After 15 days i have experience major side effects from medicine. I immediately consult with doctor in Doha, he told me that medicine which I taking is absolutely not recommend for this treatment as side effects of this medicine is very critical than desired effect. I immediately inform same to Dr. Aarti & she told me that it will not have any side effects. I checked on internet & i found that medical has major side effects hence i requested to Dr. Aarti that I would like to quit treatment within 1 sitting & ask refund of my balance amount but she reply that they can not refund amount. you can choose another package like skin treatment or weight loss. I refuse this option.
After that she suggested me that she will change treatment without side effects & started another treatment but it have also same side effects.
After all i have not got any positive results, now I am following them for refund & they are not providing any response.
Kindly take corrective action against them and arrange to refund my fees.
I visited above mentioned clinic ,
101, University Plaza, Near Rasranjan Sweet Mart, Vijay X Road, Navrangpura, Ahmedabad, Gujarat 380009
Phone: 079 2791 1242, om 2-5-2018 for my dry skin's treatment. I paid Rs. 600/- cash as his fees after check up Dr write 8 Tablets,Ointments,soap . After that I refuse to buy these medicines from his clinic and I went away. Afty
er 1 hour I called doctor and tell him that I can't find this medicines ( cefiwell-L & others) at my Chemist and ask him to give me alternate medicine name or drugs name, but his receptionist refused and cut my call immediately, again I called him and told him please give me alternate names of medicine but he refused and transfer call to doctor, but doctor not attended my call.
So today morning I went to Dr Jitendra k Shah clinic again , but he was not there. I called him and ask directly to him please give me alternate medicines names or drugs names but he told me that he is prescribe only medicines which are tasted and trusted by him, but my question is that why he is not giving me alternate medicine names or drugs name ? This is not fair practice........ I still not purchased medicines......so please do needful.... My main point is it necessary to buy medicines from practicing doctors clinic or shop only....And why Dr Jitendra's prescribed medicines not available in any other medical store..... pl reply

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