Dispute from last one year

My name is Lav Agarwal . I had a manhattan platinum card from march 2012. I used to pay my bills regularly till dec 2012. But after that i stopped getting any statement whatsoever till feb 2013. I used to pay my bills according to my memory whatever i have purchased. I had my marriage in feb 2013 so i didnt gave it much importance. In March I got a message on my phone that i have some amount due. I saw the amount was huge which included late fees and interest charges. I called up the bank and mailed to their service head about the issue that its not my mistake that i am not getting mails. But the reply was always the same that we cant do anything and u have to pay all the bills. Now I got a new card from the bank i.e Inner Circle card and hence i stopped the Manhattan card so that they would clear the dispute. But instead of doing that they transferred the entire amount to inner circle card. Now I have called many a times to clear the dispute but they have not done anything. The amount outstanding is Rs 26000. 7-8000 is what I am liable to pay and nothing more.i have been getting calls regularly and i have been telling them to clear dispute and take the money which i m liable to pay. Hence i would like you to take some actions otherwise I have to act in a legal way . Thanks
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