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STARTING FROM VERY BEGINING, My father late Balmiki Prasad was working with Jharkhand police and left us on 26th aug. 2008. After that police department started provisional family pension in my mother's saving account with Karnend Bazar branch-Dhanbad(sb a/c no. 30187672817). After some time she received a Ppo no from Dhanbad treasury on or about 20/09/2009 and treasury sent all papers to bank on 29/09/2009 from memo no. 931 to Hirapur pension cell. and there after pension cell send the papers to KARKEND BAZAR branch on 08/10/2009 from letter no PEN/8/252.
In mean while i met many times to Karkend Bazar branch,Dhanbad for asking delay in my pension and many times submitted life certificate and many other documents which was asked from bank,but thereafter they only said to us that our file is sent to CPPC,PATNA.
In Oct 2012 finally Karkend Bazar branch said me to get the account transferred to Hirapur branch as CPPC patna has instructed to do so.
When it was transferred, Hirapur branch they delivered the real problem behind, the officer handling pension cases said me the concerned PPO Book (bank copy) is not returned from Karkend Bazar branch along with all documents. After that i again visited Karkend Bazar branch with concerned memo no asking for my Ppo copy but they just refused saying we don't have ever received the copy and neither we have any records for receiving such letters i don't have time to entertain u.we just don't know anything.
I am also a government employee and how can i manage this much of leave to look after this. Please help i am in a big trouble


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How is it related to SBI for the pension problem?

This issue of lack of communication is common in all govt departments.

You can use RTI to know where your application is pending and it is very simple to send RTI application.

Another way is try bribing them .. usually a clerk won't accept bribe if he does not have access to the file. You need to confirm it. Just show them some money(don't give them just) .. they will tell the truth then.

Also at the same time all can be telling truth and no one may be holding the papers/files because you've not contacted those who have it.
@ Mr. Expert
when treasury has sent the PPO COPY to bank's pension cell and even pension cell has despatched it to branch and PPO COPY is not traceable then who is related you please guide me?[hr]

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