Deficiency Of Services At Mantri Synergy, Bengaluru/Chennai By Mantri Developers

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I had purchased a flat at Mantry Synergy, Chennai, FROM MANTRI DEVELOPERS, BANGALURU, (flat 5floor H BLOCK NUMBER -502, receipt number- mbplsynrg08248).
The developers have sold the open terrace which is illegal. The builder has not provided even a single water source for 765 apartments. He has not provided (a) water treatment plant, (b) an efficient rain water harvesting system, (c) an efficient
sewage and water treatment plant. although these conditions are stipulated in the plan permit. He has converted the open space into parking lots and sold to the residents. He has not provided the common area calculation statement. The built up area is lesser
than the area (by about 10 percent) shown in the drawing. Has not provided 1000 watts backup as specified but only 600wats. Has not provided to me the approved plan and permit. Has not fulfilled the
conditions laid out in the Panchayat /DTCP permit given to them. He has not provided the completion certificate. Has not provided the solar heating system, a condition in the plan permit. He had charged about Rs 3 lakh for parking lot which is against the SC judgement


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I suggest you all unite and file complaint in consumer court.

Complaint to your Bengaluru development authority or the organization which issues approval for construction. But they will not do anything for sure and on every complaint of your they will eat bribe from the developers.
Get the action taken from the Urban authority using RTI and then complain to all government depts. about their inaction. Publicize in media too.

Unfortunately in India developers thrive because they bribe Police and other government departments. Given impotent legal system in India there is not much an ordinary person like you or me can do.
Dear umapathysivanesan,

You had purchased a flat at Mantry Synergy, Chennai, FROM MANTRI DEVELOPERS, BANGALURU. The builder has not provided even a single water source for 765 apartments.

Is it an approved Project from CMDA (Chennai Metropolitan Development authorities) or DTCP (Director of Town and Country Planning) authorities? . If not please inform who (authority) had approved this project.

If it is an approved project by Govt of Tamilnadu (Project area lies in Tamilnadu) you can think in the following lines.

1.You say there are 765 apartments.
Do you mean to say 765 Flats in so many Blocks and each Block with so many Flats?

2. The Apartment Construction (Consisting of so many Flats) is abide by the "Tamilnadu Apartment Ownership Act 1994.

3. In an apartment consisting of so many Flats it is more important to know the "Area of Flat" and the land in which the construction is carried.

4. The area of Flat may be described as 1) Carpet area
2) Plinth area
3) Super Built up area.

5. The Builders will always consider Super Built up area.

6. The UDS (Undiveded share of land) plays an important role in apartment ownership. That is the area of Flat purchased by the owner is proportionate
to the land in which the building is constructed.

7. When the Builder has not provided Drinking water to the apartment, you may bring it to the notice of the authorities concerned for action provided if it is an approved project.

8. When the Builder has not provided any Bore well, you cannot question him since it is an amenity by him. If he has mentioned in his agreement you can insist.

9. Water Treatment Plant, Sewerage Treatment Plant, Provision of Back Up etc are amenities. If the Builder has mentioned in the agreement, you can insist.

10. Rain water harvesting is a must and it is to be constructed in any Building as per Government Orders.

11. The Builder can not sell open Terrace.

12.Selling of open Car parks:1. Car parks can be sold to all Flats.
2. Car parks can be sold to some Flats.
3. Car parks can not be sold. They are common area.

Detailed calculations are necessary to prove the above three conditions.


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