Deduction of amount in my EPF Pensioner account on account of insufficient funds

Name of the account holder : BH Rama krishna
Savings bank account Number :20044111064 SBI
SBI BRANCH NAME and Code : Pedawaltair 10641 visakhaplatnsm andhra pradesh
ATMs at Pedawaltair visakhapatnam numbering about four will be working irregularly regular and I have operated one of the atms where the screen does not
work properly. when I started to draw Rs 300 it shown as your transaction cannot be processed when i have tried 500 it also says same when i put 2000 it says insufficient funds. as the balance in account is Rs 1500 as of date it is noyt allowed me saying balance in sufficient funds.

when i have gone thru mini-statement it show i have been penalized about Rs,23.60 ps three times. Most mumber of SBI ATMS will not serve in our area. Penalizing three times is most unfair punishment to customer without information or providing information about penalisation at ATMs.

They have not made any rules and regulations at ATMS regarding penalty on operation of ATMs. They have not provided any information to customer regarding penalty on account of operation of ATMs. when i have contacted the officer SBI branch 10641 code they are informing that they no way connected to working of atms.

I would say SBI seller of services and i am the buyer of the same. Without information of levying penalties of in my SBI Acccount not in proper order.
They have to retrun the undue deductions in my plension account,

Justification needed.


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