Country Holidays Inn & Suits- A Fraud Company

I was called to collect free coupons and movie vouchers on 10-12-2018. When I visited to collect the coupons, they asked to go through their 45 minutes presentation about CHIS holiday membership. I agreed to it. After the presentation they tried to convince me to buy their membership. At first I refused. Then they started giving luring benefits and discounts. They offered to provide me membership of 10 years at Rs. 1.40 Lac. I said I can not pay this much and need EMI facility which they agreed and said we can give you this membership at 24 monthly installments. After they swiped my card for Rs. 1.40 Lac, I asked them about EMI, then they said you can take it from your card merchant. I said they will charge Interest to which they said we have tie ups with merchants and you will get EMI facility at 0% interest.

Next day when I called my card merchant HDFC, they refused any such facility. I again asked CHIS customer care and sales representative about the same, they are saying you will have to pay interest.

I then checked the mobile app and was surprised to see that they had made fake claims about their properties and locations. They said I will get 8-9 options on each location but this is not true. They claimed to have owned and associated with 4-5 star properties which is also a false claim. Barring one or two properties, none is 5 star category. They have mostly 3 start properties. Specific properties which I asked were ITC Rajputata and cliff Top in Auli which they claimed to have in their association. This claim is also not true. They don't have these properties. All claims and promises they made were false.

I am also looking at so many complaints about their customer services and fake promises. They don;t even provide the copy of agreement which they claim to be mutual but actually is one sided.

I decided to cancel my membership and informed them about it very next day on 11-12-2018. Now they are refusing to cancel my membership and not returning my money.

They are fraud company and lure the customers on fake promises. I have already cancelled my membership and have intimated them about the same. I want them to refund my money as soon as possible.

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